Kayaking With Kiddos — Why Kayaking with BeachnRiver Kayak Rentals Is “Mom Approved” As The Least Stressful Choice of Amusement in Lower Alabama

Some commonly asked questions include:

Can I bring toddlers/Do you have life jackets for them? The answer is yes to both. Keep in mind that your personal life vests, if you own some, will be a “best fit.” So bring them if you have them! Be aware that you will eventually paddle out in the hot sun, (the water reflects more sun — Meaning: babies and “young ones” can easily burn!) so remember always to follow directions on sunscreen and pre-apply at least 1/2 hour prior to arrival. Also, it is a good idea to bring diversions (floating toys), HATS!, Sunglasses, outfit with Beach Shoes, freeze your bottles of water, have some lightweight towels on hand to wet/shade body parts, and most importantly: choose (and be prepared to pay for) the correct kayak. (It is NEVER ACCEPTABLE to choose to kayak with a child/infant on a single kayak — regardless of total weight. FOR SAFETY REASONS, WE SIMPLY WILL NOT ALLOW!) For a more inclusive list please visit “Suggested Items to Bring.”

Can my 10-yr.-old daughter/son paddle their own kayak? YES! Our kayaks are small, “recreational” kayaks (not meant to go out in rough bays, with swift-moving water etc.) and are so EASY to paddle! If the child can reach the built-in foot rest, most likely he/she can paddle their own boat. You may want to bring along a rope/belt (we keep rope on hand) should they need a little “tow.”

Can we bring along “floaties” so we can swim/float in the “bigger” water? YES! and fishing poles (acc. to law, adults must have salt/fresh licenses), and picnics. This is YOUR adventure. You can make of it any way you choose!

You can choose to rent single or double kayaks plus a pedal boat to entertain a family. Pedal boats are limited and on a "first come/first serve basis" so RESERVE as early as possible to snag one --- especially during holiday weeks! $50 to paddle until 3 p.m.
Sometimes you just want to pedal boat and enjoy the shaded and cool water. Schedule to arrive at 8 a.m. and pedal/swim/picnic until three p.m. for $50. We encourage folks to bring along picnics, toys and even inner tubes to “lay out on” for added fun! Weight recommendation 500 lbs.

Is the Pedal Boat a good option for families with toddlers/ younger kiddos? Yes! The pedal boat can carry up to four with a weight capacity of approx 500 lbs. Maneuvering requires (teamwork!) good hand and foot coordination and is more challenging to negotiate than a kayak. It is perfect for families who (don’t want to travel far!) want to spend the majority of their river experience in the shallow, shady water enjoying a picnic or frequent swims. We recommend bringing along a picnic, lightweight towels, floating toys — and even inner tubes — to entertain small children and for a fuller experience. Something to consider: pedaling the pedal boat takes quad (leg/thigh) strength and endurance if you pedal any “distance” from the launch area. It is important to know your physical limitations. (Remember: you must pedal back to the launch site. If the tide is low and you get “stuck” on sand, it is imperative to get out and pull the pedal boat. It will not “float” as easily as a kayak.)

Can we swing off of rope swings found along the river? I’m going to strongly emphasize NO — UNLESS YOU GET PERMISSION FROM HOME/PROPERTY OWNER. Beside inherent liability issues, there are many reasons why home/property owners may not want you to use their swings. Consider that ALL DOCKS, SWINGS, “ISLANDS” ARE PRIVATELY OWNED. Trust me on this, you don’t want to trespass. Folks that live on the water are fed up with trespassers/the trash they leave behind etc., etc. They call the law to arrest w/out verbal warning. You may be wonderful folks, but thanks to those who have abused, (TRESPASSED!) and vandalized etc. in the past, property owners along the river now have a ZERO TOLERANCE FOR TRESPASSING! I’m afraid that “innocent fun” part of life is gone forever.

I’m 18, my girlfriend is 16. Can we kayak w/y’all? Sorry, no. Not w/out an adult who will assume financial and legal responsibility for you should you get injured. 19, and above, may paddle on own consent. (Gotta give Driver’s License info as part of the experience, so don’t bother trying!)

This pretty much sums up the various questions we have received over the past nine years of doing this kayak business. If a question or situation comes up, you can bet I’ll either: add to the list of “rules” etc, or include the question on this page.

“Either way, our goal is to give you as much information you are willing to read so you can feel good about your choice to share a part of your precious family vacation with us and to make it easy for you to rate our business a 5-star attraction. We believe you will — because YOU ARE 5-STAR GUESTS!”

So hurry up and READ (cuz the more you read, the more you’ll know. The more you know, the more you’ll be prepared. The better prepared you are, the better — less stressful—- your experience will be!) then pick up the phone and dial 251.971.8359 to reserve. You won’t want to miss an opportunity to bring the kiddos — so all can (really) relax and Mom and family can enjoy a Beach AND a River Good Time!

p.s. We’d love to see you SOON! or, as “River Rick” says, “River DerChee Y’all!” and “BB” (“Beachin’ Betty” ) also known as, “the Mom,” THANKS YOU IN ADVANCE FOR BEING SUCH GOOD, 5-STAR GUESTS!