Kayaking With Kiddos — Why Kayaking with BeachnRiver Kayak Rentals Is “Mom Approved” As The Least Stressful Choice of Amusement in Lower Alabama

When you have a family, it is important to choose the proper kayak. Doubles are encouraged when youngsters are small and cannot paddle their own kayak. In case you didn't know? The person in the rear does all the work!
Little known fact about paddling a double kayak: the person in the rear does all the paddling! When we have a group with little kiddos, we outfit the group as needed with seats, life jackets, proper paddles for the grownup and “kiddie” paddles to encourage young ones to try to “help.” Mostly? Youngsters are encouraged to be on “turtle patrol” or to play “I spy.” Bring along floating toys, lightweight towels to cover if kiddos nap, and even inner tubes to attach to the boats for added fun!

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  • Because River Rick insists you have access to as much info you can possibly read about kayaking with BeachnRiver Kayak Rentals — by supplementing website info with blog posts that are informative (as opposed to additional “sales” pitches touting “come on down, we’re open!” yay! smiley face, clapping, heart beating emoji) — you can have (a real) peace of mind about your “activity choice. ”
  • Because, although we want to make money, this is our “retirement” fun — so it is important to us that we also enjoy the experience. Our rules (including no talking ’bout: WORK, jobs, POLITICS, church, RELIGION!) suggest that we are inclusive, yet selective. Translation: we welcome your business and will treat you like family — so long as you (and members of your group!) are Respectful, Kind, Patient and agree to follow our “Rules.”
  • This mom won’t put up with any cussin,’ rowdy drunkeness or disrespect. (Remember: you’re visiting us on our private property). The idea is to make this livin’ as stress-free on “River Rick” and I, while doing our best to make things as FUN, easy and stress-free for you!