Kayaking With Kiddos — Why Kayaking with BeachnRiver Kayak Rentals Is “Mom Approved” As The Least Stressful Choice of Amusement in Lower Alabama

Kayaking with kiddos takes extra preparation but will make the difference in personal fulfillment when recommendations are heeded.
Pictured from Left: Teresa, Luke and Riley Enjoy Kayaking The Bon Secour River With BeachnRiver Kayak Rentals.

We get that you come to Gulf Shores to go to the beach, to relax, to wile away the stresses of your everyday life while you bask in the glorious sun, immerse yourself in the gentle, warm, undulating waves and squish your tired toes in the cool, white, sugar-sandy, beach.

Many folks with families begin their vacation stating (conclusively), “I want to spend every, everlasting moment on the beach!” thinking the emerald, salt-water Gulf will be the magic elixir to wash away all cares, like Calgon.

The reality is: after a couple of days “laying out” you may desperately seek respite from the sun, (there may be days where tides are too strong to enter the water), and let’s be really honest — keeping track of kiddos on the beach is WORK! (the. exact. opposite. of “relaxing!“).

So what are some other “family-friendly” fun options available (that don’t add to your stress levels?) you ask.

There are hundreds of options and fun choices of activities in Foley, Gulf Shores/Orange Beach, Alabama. Some that I consider “passive/sightseeing,” type-options (like dolphin, sail and other “cruises”) and others that fall into the “active/sightseeing” (like bicycling, hiking and kayaking) category.

If you are like many folks, you most likely have never given kayaking a thought.

Maybe you’ve spoken with friends/family who have reported that you must get in a bus with 20 to 30 (really excited, rambunctious, LOUD — and even drunk, foul-mouthed) folks, haul their personal gear, (trust the driver to deliver you safely!) be “dropped off” at a location so you can paddle to reach a destination by a certain time for “pick-up.” (My heart races a bit recalling these scenes because we come from a background where this is the only choice to get on the water — short of driving two vehicles — with boats, gear, provisions and kids.) As a Mom, I’d rate this type of kayaking choice a 4/5 stress level. (Unless there are no other choices I’d vote NO! on this type of kayaking. )

So, with that scenario off the table, what are other kayaking options?

You can always “order” some kayaks to your location, have them delivered for the day/week. Some outfitters will even let you “carry-out” your own kayaks. You may think your stress level will lower, but there are all kinds of things to consider once you sign away your loss/liability forms.

True, this option offers some flexibility to kayak at your leisure without time constraints, but if there is one thing we also know: once there are kayaks on premise, the overwhelming feeling is FREEDOM for kids/ANGST for MOM. Here’s another consideration: everyone “on the block” will ask to “borrow” your kayaks. (Remember: YOU signed the liability release, so YOU may not want to be held liable for loss or injury of another.) Stress level for Mom? I don’t know ’bout you — but my stress level just maxed to 5/5.

In case you aren’t aware of yet ANOTHER option, I’ll tell you: There are new (what I call “pop-up”) “Kayak Rental/Coastal Service”- type operators (who knows if they have business licenses?) who plop a magnetic sign on their pick-up truck door to solicit business — and when contacted — suggest they will “meet you” with kayaks at a launch-site of your choice.

As a mom I have several concerns about this (newest) option.

  • One: Often these operators have only cell phones, (no public listings — maybe they are on social media?) so they are not listed in a directory and there is no way to check their references, learn of their business etc.
  • Two: The most insidious tactic of these new “business people?” They launch from other people’s private property (until they are run off!) causing YOU (the unknowing guest to our community) to “trespass!” Chances are these “outfitters” don’t kayak themselves —so they can’t give credible advice — and their boats are not even suitable for the type of water/conditions. (One reason why we stopped renting canoes: we discovered they are too clumsy for our shallow, back-water location). I rate these types of “businesses” a “NO THANK YOU!” (So no stress here! ha)

Then there are businesses (like ours) you can look up online, check reviews, read/review our (several) blogs so you can feel good about your choice — but you still are not fully aware of what makes kayaking with BeachnRiver Kayak Rentals such an EASY/safer/ more relaxing choice than other well-reviewed/respected outfitters.

In a nutshell (and not to overly brag!), you will not find another outfitter that offers :

1) The “character(s)” we project — which are unique (we are not about “perfection” in landscape/decor) we’re about PRESERVING NATURE (“weeds” and all —not “killing” them with pesticides!), we’re about KITSCH/FUN (you can’t miss the vintage travel trailers we’ve actually traveled in throughout the years!)

2) (Something most folks never give a consideration about) The ease of mind you will feel parking/ leaving your vehicle on our property. You will park your vehicle/leave your belongings on our privately-owned property which is constantly patrolled by “River Rick” — a military veteran — so you can feel safe nothing will be stolen, your vehicle won’t be tampered with and chances are your vehicle will remain in shade for the duration of your paddle!

3) (And this is the big one Vern ) There. is. not. another location. that offers more paddling distance of WAKE-FREE/CURRENT-FREE ‘STILL-WATER” kayaking, that is LESS POPULATED WITH BOATS/BOATERS/SKEEDOS, on SHADY/COLD-WATER that exhibits such DIVERSE SCENERY — from dense shade with tropical flowers to grassy, warm brackish water where blackbirds sing, Pelican’s fly, cormorant dive, dolphins feed (and where shrimpers park-live) in one typical (3-4hr) kayak paddle!

Other than the physical preparations for the event — and other “unknowns” that may occur anytime you have kiddos around — my stress level just goes down, down, down after fully absorbing and understanding this info! (Let’s be honest, moms are never truly “stress-free,” but I’m sure I’d rate kayaking with BeachnRiver Kayak Rentals a MUST GO! Go! GO! )

You could not ask for an easier, (nearly stress-free) adventure than kayaking with BeachnRiver Kayak Rentals. No Brag. Just Fact.