BeachnRiver’s Float Rules And Replacement Fees


Responsible Party(ies) to PRINT this form and SIGN That “RULES” have been read to ALL Participating Kayakers:


SIGN/DATE: _____________________________________________________________________________________

My signature represents that I have read, or have been read and understand the above Rules. I also certify I will abide by the above rules. I also understand and agree to be held personally liable for damages and such damages will be charged in the form of an invoice sent via mail or email.

Beachnriver Kayak Rentals’ REPLACEMENT COSTS

Single Kayak replacement:  $1000
Double Kayak replacement: $2000
Lightweight Paddles:  $200
Standard Paddles:  $100
Vests regardless of size: $60 apiece
Canoe: $2000

* You may be able to purchase the above equipment for less — we realize this. However we will lose inventory and revenue as a result of damage and turnaround time to replace can take weeks. We may incur higher purchase costs due to price increases, cost to ship and handle etc. OUR LOST TIME = LOST INCOME. Please respect our equipment.

LEGIBLY PRINT Email Address of Responsible Party:


LEGIBLY PRINT COMPLETE Address, Area Code and  Telephone Number:


LEGIBLY PRINT Driver’s License # and State of Origin:



*NOTE: One copy of these pages may be printed and presented to facilitate registration process as long as ALL KAYAKERS supply pertinent info on back.  This will eliminate the need to complete entire Marine Info upon arrival. Release of Liability Forms must be also signed. Arriving onto property implies a release of liability for any injury/damages that may occur.

BeachnRiver Kayak Rentals Loves To Hear From Our Guests. Feel Free To Share Your Experiences Here!

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