BeachnRiver Kayak Rentals Suggested Items To Bring

Suggested Items To Bring

Hand Sanitizer

Sanitizing Wipes

Double Zipper-Type Gallon Bags

Personal Life Jackets (*Optional)
Bug Spray    Sunscreen
Snacks     Frozen Water
Sunglasses     Hats
Old Clothing  &  Change of Clothing

Water Shoes Or Slip On Casual Shoes
Dry Packs For Cell Phones Or Cameras
Small Backpack Cooler   Beach Towels

Trash Bags
Waterproof Watch
(Set To Central Standard Time)
Personal USCG Approved PFD For Children Or Infants If Preferred

Driver’s License (Or Number and State) For All Legal U.S. Drivers

In Addition To Above:

Boating Whistle (Optional), Headlamp, Ponchos, Compass (Optional),

Light, Layered Clothing

Water Shoes Recommended

(You WILL Get Wet. No Dress Clothes, Boots Or Sandals)