BeachnRiver Kayak Rentals (2-Hr. GUIDED TOURS ONLY) AUTUMN, WINTER, SPRING Days And Hours Of Operation

Beachnriver Kayak Rentals (2-hr) Two-Hour Easy, Guided/Self-Guided, Autumn, Winter and Spring Kayak Tours offers guests to the Gulf Shores/Orange Beach/Fairhope/Foley/Mobile, Alabama area an opportunity to explore flora and fauna of a still-water, fresh to brackish River eco-system, located  in Elberta, ( a quaint, Historic town located minutes East of the Orange Beach Expressway, best known for its bi-annual German Sausage Festival and “Home of Shelby Brown,” a finalist contestant on the NBC Emmy Award-Winning Show “The Voice”) with a guide who will respect your desire to enjoy a contemplative kayak outing with your friends and family — free of Cigarette Smoke and Alcohol consumption.

“Parties and groups up to 20 boats (and novice kayakers from ages 10 through 80) will most enjoy this outing. We’ve discovered two hours of paddling on a still-water river during Autumn, Winter and Spring is long enough time to ‘get a good introduction’ to still-water paddling and a short-enough time to be glad to return!” — River Rick, owner.

The river you will paddle is tidally affected, white sand-bottomed, shallow, narrow and winding.

Guests have seen dolphins hunt and frolic on this tour — but you are likely to see Cormorants swim and duck underwater beside your kayak. You may feel the breeze as Herons and Pelicans flap their wings as they fly directly overhead. Bald Cypress to Pine Trees line the river banks. Vegetation will vary from watercress to wild lilies — to the delight of nature lovers and photographers.

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Open-minded individuals will embrace the sounds and nuances of weekend River Culture and may observe fellow kayakers, families on pleasure boat outings,  folks fishing,  homeowners tossing cast nets from their docks and kids maneuvering Skeedos.  You may even observe Naval pilots performing or zooming their planes overhead.  If you like to study architecture, you will observe and appreciate the various boats parked in front of homes — from hand-made wooden boats to sailboats to pleasure boats  — and make a note of  how the river and geography and native culture dictates even the styles of boat houses that line the river.

River Rick — BeachnRiver Kayak Rentals owner and your guide —  will navigate you from the Public Kayak Launch through the populated portion of the river, past various inlets (so there is no need to study or follow a map or research GPS coordinates!) to a place where even ancient turtles feel comfortable openly sunbathing.

“The role of the BeachnRiver Kayak tour guide is simply to be a beacon to direct your group to a turn-around point — then help to navigate you back to the launch area to ensure a satisfying two hours of paddling.  Since you won’t have to worry about time, navigating a map, researching coordinates or retaining info about important negotiating landmarks, you can spend your time enjoying the company of your family and friends, the sights and sounds of the river, and the unique paddling experience!” — River Rick, owner.

The launch site  has a fishing platform and picnic tables — offering an opportunity for post-kayaking fishing and picnicking.

Folks interested in further engaging in the unique Lower Alabama Geo-tourism opportunities may want to make a sight-seeing trip to the area a day in advance of your reserved kayaking expedition to take “Selfies” in front of  the weird and wacky dinosaurs and “BamaHenge,”  the unique water tower and Historic town markers.  You can opt to pick fresh fruits and vegetables at Hillcrest Farm,  purchase Artisanally-made cheese at Sweet Home Farm and shop the Coastal Alabama Farmer’s and Fisherman Market for locally-gathered honey, homemade bread and other goodies for a picnic upon your return from your kayak adventure.

 A guaranteed minimum of (4) four single or any combination of single and double kayaks equaling (4) kayaks is required to reserve the Autumn, Winter or Spring tour — so start planning now to gather your friends and family to enjoy a truly unique, active,  river adventure during your next vacation in Coastal Alabama.

“Enjoy the Beach. Then gather your friends and family and make a point to paddle the rivers ‘Beyond the Beach.’ You can then brag to your friends you had a Beach AND River great time with BeachnRiver Kayak Rentals while visiting the Alabama Gulf Coast!” — River Rick, owner.

2-Hr. GUIDED Kayak Tours ONLY


Oct. 31 Through May 15

FLOAT TIME: 11 a.m. to 1 p.m (Alternate Times May Be Suggested Depending On Temps/Wind)

LOCATION: T.B.D. According To Tide, Wind, Water Levels Etc. Rendezvous Locations And Directions Will Be Announced By Phone Evening Prior To Float.

RESERVATIONS: By PHONE ONLY  One Week In Advance Preferred. A Guaranteed Minimum Of (4) Four Single Kayaks or any combination of Single and Double Kayaks Totaling (4) Minimum Number of Kayaks Must Be Reserved and Agreed to be Paid For At Launch Time.
Groups/Parties up to (20) Kayaks of any combinations available.
No Email  Or Facebook Reservations Accepted. 


$50 Single Kayaks  (limit 250 lbs)

$110 Double Kayaks (limit 400 lbs)
Guides Will Provide Kayaks, Vests, Paddles And Seats For Double Kayaks.

 It Is Imperative To Disclose At Time Of Reservation If There Are Any Handicaps Or If Child-Sized Or XXL Life Vests Are Needed. Please consider weight limitations prior to reserving kayaks.

“BeachnRiver Kayak Rentals operates on the ‘Honor’ system and does not collect a deposit.  I’ll do right by you. I ask our  guests be honorable individuals and ‘keep’ your confirmed date, ‘be mindful’ to arrive prepared and on time, and have the correct amount to pay for the number and types of boats you requested. A wise person said: ‘You can never go wrong doin’ the ‘right’ thing by folks.'” — River Rick, owner.

Please give a courtesy call  —and leave detailed message — no later than seven 7 a.m. the day of reserved float if there are emergency changes in the number of boats required. We do not own cell phones. Boats  must be loaded onto a trailer one – two hours prior to the reserved time and guides must  travel to the launch location. We cannot store unused boats or change boats once we arrive at the launch site.

Guests are to arrive a timely 15 min prior to scheduled float time prepared to float (This means sunscreen and bug spray should already be applied prior to arrival. Delays out cause delays returning.)


The Purpose Of This Guided Float Is To Provide Direction And To Ensure Your Timely Return To The Launch  — hence the name “Guided/Self-Guided” paddle. It is meant to be as much of a “self-guided” experience as possible — where you can just get in the kayak,  follow the leader, enjoy the company of your friends and family — without having to worry about time, navigating or recalling landmarks.

This excursion is not intended to be a lesson on “How To Kayak.” ***

Only the very basic of instructions will be offered. Guides will lead by example and offer suggestions. Guides should not be expected to give individualized attention. Once the tour begins you must commit to the minimum two hour paddle — or commit to stay in /or with the boat until the entire party returns.

*** It is helpful to know that the majority of BeachnRiver Kayak Rentals Guests have never kayaked. We have successfully launched from 10 yrs to 80- yr-old guests on our   SELF-GUIDED SUMMER floats. Without any doubt this is the EASIEST kayak adventure you will ever embark upon!

NOTE: BE PREPARED TO GET WET . Your seat, feet and hands will most likely get wet.. (Another way to put this is: You cannot expect to kayak and not get wet!) It will be helpful to wear light layers under rain gear,  gardening or workout gloves and scuba shoes and etc. if you are cold-natured.  The water will be 68 degrees or colder.

The kayaking experience is a two-hour paddling outing and does not allow for picnicking or swimming during the paddle duration. The rustic launch site provides open-air picnic tables, opportunities to fish from a platform and picnic tables under pavilions available on a first-come, first-served basis. A portalet is also on-site.

Kayaking Behavior:

This Is To Be A Quiet And Reflective Kayak Outing. Please Respect All Guests’ Desire For Privacy And Need For Quiet Contemplation.

Photos Of Guides And Fellow Kayakers  Are Not Allowed Without Express Written Permission.

Conversations  Regarding Business, Politics, Religion And Other Personal Topics Remain Off Limits.

No Pets. No Smokin,’  No Cussin,’  No Imbibin’ Of Alcoholic Beverages And  No Litterin’ Allowed.


Phone 251.971.8359.

Please Leave Detailed Message With:
— Name

— Date Of Desired Float

— Number And Types Of Kayaks Needed

— Return Tel. # 

— Special Needs,  And Number  And Ages Of Children Participating

Messages Will Be Returned Evenings Between 5 – 9 p.m.

Note: Guided Floats Are Presently Not An Option During Summer Months. Please Refer To Summer Schedule For More Info.

As Always — We Thank You For Choosing To Kayak With BeachnRiver Kayak Rentals  — Where We’re Sure You’ll Have A Beachin’ Good Time!


BeachnRiver Kayak Rentals does not allow soliciting of any kind.  Property is POSTED. Kindly remove BeachnRiver Kayak Rentals from your lists.

BeachnRiver Kayak Rentals Loves To Hear From Our Guests. Feel Free To Share Your Experiences Here!

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