2020 BeachnRiver Kayak Rentals' Days/Hours/Months Open/RATES

Some important “reminders”:

  • We are an old-fashioned “mom and pop” operation that happen to LOVE NATURE over technology. (Sorry … Not Sorry!)
  • To make the kayaking experience as best we can for everyone, we have expectations of how we’d like our guests to behave. We “invite” only “5-Star” guests who are NICE, POLITE, PATIENT and are Respectful of Nature and others. (Grouches Go Elsewhere!)
  • WE DO NOT OWN CELL PHONES Our phone is stuck to our “inside” wall — not to our hips. We are “outdoors” all day. We can’t text. We’ve sworn off email communications and don’t spend time on Social Media. (Not to belabor the obvious, but we can’t respond to texts or messaging.)
  • We are open seasonally.
  • WE ARE WEATHER DEPENDENT. During “open days/months/hours” we will close (for YOUR safety) when the water is dangerous, small craft wind advisories have been announced for bays/backwaters or it is storming (it is UP TO YOU to be aware of weather conditions — Bon Secour, AL).
  • When we are “CLOSED,” WE ARE CLOSED. Just like with any other business, restaurant or attraction, we don’t answer/return phone messages while closed. (Would you write a bad review because you “wanted,” or “hoped” to go to Chick-fil-A on a Sunday only to discover they are closed? If you are inclined to do so, “you” are not our “target” guest. Refer to Bullet Point #2)
  • BeachnRiver Kayak Rentals info is listed on several websites/review sites/blogs. They may not have most current info. Please refer to our website at beachnriverkayakrentals.com for accuracy.
  • Our outgoing voicemail message explains our most current (SEASONAL) open/close info and refers everyone to BeachnRiverKayakRentals.com where our hours/days/months of operation is listed.
  • PHONE RESERVATIONS ARE REQUIRED NO SOONER THAN 48 HRS. IN ADVANCE beginning March 17, 2020 through August 15, 2020 (as in past years). Please review the website/ F.A.Q./ look at photos/ review videos and phone 251.971.8359 leaving a detailed message with: your name, telephone # and an idea of the number and types of kayaks you’d like to reserve (keeping in mind weight recommendations) and preferred date/ time (no sooner than 48 hours prior!). Please also inform if there will be elderly or small children. River Rick will confirm reservation time and give specific location/parking instructions.
  • If, in the event you phone requesting info that you simply cannot find online, PLEASE LISTEN TO THE ENTIRE VOICEMAIL MESSAGE, then, (if your question is still unanswered), LEAVE A DETAILED MESSAGE WITH YOUR NAME, YOUR QUESTION, and a TELEPHONE NUMBER with WORKING VOICEMAIL SET-UP. We will not return calls with incomplete info — or if your “voicemail is not set-up” or “box full.” (Ain’t nobody got enough time for playin’ phone tag!).
  • If you don’t have access to the internet? TELL US. We’ll be glad to tell you “all you need to know” about kayaking with BeachnRiver Kayak Rentals. Just be prepared to have at least 15 – 30 min/time available (after working hours and DURING OPEN DAYS/MONTHS of operation).
  • In case you have “forgotten?” WE ARE OLD. This is our “retirement FUN!” This “business” is meant to be “Fun for YOU and for us!” If all this “makes you crazy,” or you’d prefer to “deal with” businesses that are up with the latest technology, that accept credit cards and/or can “book” online — better choose another outfitter. We’re OKAY with that — Really. We. Are.

If you feel you need some convincing about what might make BeachnRiver Kayak Rentals a good “fit” for you and your family or group, consider these Five Questions To Ask Yourself Before Choosing a Kayaking Outfitter, then head to our our “Review/Testimonials” page and/or watch the several videos on our blog.

Keep in mind: Summer Season is nigh! (short). You wouldn’t want to be a “Johnny Come Lately” — or miss the season entirely — now would ya? (We’ll all be yet another year older! )

Although it is nearly impossible to describe the cool, calm difference you will have paddling with BeachnRiver Kayak Rentals, all one has to do is look at a website's photos to notice the focus of their "paddling experience." The "green" hue of our photos suggest a deep "coolness" and "calm" atmosphere. If you're looking for an "activity" to "de-stress" or just peacefully enjoy with your family, choose kayaking with BeachnRiver Kayak Rentals. You'll soon learn why so many folks say it is a 5-star kayaking experience!
Other folks claim they offer “No Wake” paddling. But there is no other location (Foley) so close to Gulf Shores, Alabama that offers nearly three miles of “No Wake” paddling with such diverse scenery — from heavily shaded cold-water paddling, to wide, open (Still … No WAKE! meaning: no large waves from skittish Skeedos to splash you, no pounding powerboats or unyielding yachts to nearly knock you over as they troll by …) brackish water — where you might pass shrimping boats —you can purchase freshly-caught shrimp right off the boat — paddle alongside dipping dolphins, cohort with Cormorants and marvel at the silvery sight of leaping mullet! Join us — enjoy an active, yet relaxing, paddling water tour of a beautiful part of Coastal Alabama and leave with Beach and River vacation memories.