Five (Additional) Search Categories BeachnRiver Kayak Rentals Would Like Guests To Consider When Choosing Vacation Fun in Foley, (Ft. Morgan) and Gulf Shores/Orange Beach AL:

For those who like to read (on), I thought I’d plead a case for each category. (Who knows? Maybe search engines might “pick up” these terms and we can get included?)

But getting recognized for these various categories may take your action. It may be that these terms need to be listed on your reviews.

Either way, WE KNOW these categories are “fittin.” Maybe, just maybe, you will too?

Budget Friendly Fun — We have not raised our rates for Single “Sit-On-Top” Kayaks since we opened our business nearly 10 years ago. $35 for a single kayak (tax included) for up to 7 hours of kayaking, I’m quite sure is the lowest rate available. Two to three folks can choose to paddle in a “Double, Sit-On-Top” Kayak for $75 — for the same length of time.

So, if you acquaint yourself with the info on our blogs/website, arrive by 8 a.m. prepared to paddle/swim/picnic and enjoy the water until 3 p.m. you won’t find a better bang-for-buck outdoor water activity.

p.s. during height of Summer “Tourist Season,” one should also consider “drive time” when making plans. Our central location close to popular and familiar Foley restaurants and attractions makes it super easy to get in, paddle, and get on your way to enjoying other attractions!

Good for Families with Kiddos (Teens!) — all one has to do is scroll through our many photos on social media and on our web pages to see that families with kiddos from three, to 80, have enjoyed paddling with BeachnRiver Kayak Rentals. It is not unusual to see teens arrive (half asleep-looking) and return excited and animated after their paddle adventure (and swim). Kiddos can barely contain their excitement after seeing all the turtles, jumping fish and more. What does that mean for you? You will be a hero for “introducing” this adventure — and subject of stories around family reunion kitchen tables — for years to come!

Good for Large Groups — We can host parties up to 50. We have hosted Church Groups and folks who want to celebrate birthday parties kayaking. The nice thing about kayaking with BeachnRiver Kayak rentals is that we can boast of having the longest stretch of “No Wake” water to paddle. That means you don’t have to worry about dodging large boats, speedboats, tour boats and skeedos to get to a destination and back, in water that has strong undercurrents — something to consider when you are “in charge” of 20-50 energetic and excited kiddos!

Hidden Gem — I suppose we “qualify” as a hidden gem because we are still relatively “undiscovered.” The benefit to you? You won’t have to paddle with throngs of other boaters/paddlers/ skeedos. I personally think what also makes our business a “gem” is that we set standards of behavior on our property and for the river “tour. ” We have first-hand knowledge of what being on a river (body of water) can be like. We don’t want our guests to behave like that. We post everywhere our “Rules” of Behavior and have folks sign contracts they will behave accordingly. We choose to “invite” only 5-Star Quality Guests who are Nice, Polite, Considerate of Others and who Love Nature and would never consider trashing the beautiful river. Our “No Cussin,’ No Smokin,’ No Alcohol Drinkin'” — NO KIDDING! policy may not appeal to some. We are A-Okay with that.

Outdoor Family Activity — this one should be an obvious. However, most websites limit our listings to only “Water Activities/Sports” (which may scare or be a turn off to some). I’ve shared on our own blogs my fear of water sports since I am not a good swimmer. If you can believe our many testimonials, you’ll learn that not only is kayaking with BeachnRiver Kayak Rentals one of the EASIEST, low-stress activities around, it is comforting to know the water is mostly shallow, and so calm (no noticeable currents) and the kayaks are so lightweight and easy to maneuver, even 10-yr-olds (or 80 yr. olds) have paddled!

This photo of shrimp boats parked alongside a canal just outside the homes of shrimpers best represents what kayakers may see during a typical 3-4 hour paddle with BeachnRiver Kayak Rentals. Other outfitters can offer tours to show such boats, but no one can offer the complete experience of leaving from our (SHADED!) privately-owned property on the river. And no one else can boast of having nearly 3 miles of NO WAKE ZONE to paddle from.
This photo taken by BeachnRiver Kayak Rentals is an example of what you may see while paddling. When I say kayaking with BeachnRiver Kayak Rentals is a wonderful “cultural experience,” I mean that more than likely you will not come across scenes like this in a typical three to four hour kayak paddle with any other outfitter. There is a “Deep South feeling” that words cannot describe and images unfortunately do not do justice. We have purchased shrimp right off boats such as these after they have returned from the bays shrimping. If you prepare as we advise, you may be able to do the same!

Either way you “find” us, we hope you will take that leap to come down — but be sure to follow our advice and read the posted info — so you and your family can have the very best kayaking experience EVER! If you choose to write us a 5-Star review, my hope is that you incorporate some of the above suggested “key phrases” in your reviews so other quality folks, like you, will be able to “discover” the unique experience of what it is like to paddle such a calm body of water.

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