2018 Autumn: BeachnRiver Kayak Rentals Plans to Offer Self-Guided Tours At Our Location Until Oct. 14

FOLEY — BeachnRiver Kayak Rentals will attempt to allow kayaking from our location at 18743 Keller Rd. until Sunday, Oct. 14, Thursdays — Sundays with launches from 9 a.m. to noon. “No Reservations Required! — and you can paddle till you get a big ole’ smile on your face!” exclaims River Rick.

I say I’ll “attempt” to allow kayaking those days and hours because I’m still unsure how low the tides will be — if the river will be so shallow that folks will have to portage (walk/float) their kayaks to keep from bottoming out — and/or if there will be enough interest (considerin’ all the festivals and football fanatical fever that goes on around here) to warrant me keepin’ open.

“I  would love to see an interest in Autumn kayaking,” River Rick adds. “The sun isn’t so blazing hot, autumn wildflowers bloom out — and it could be my imagination — but Beachin’ Betty and I seem to see more wildlife kayaking this time of year.”

“We attempted to offer guided tours throughout the winter in previous years,” admits River Rick, “but we discovered: 1) folks were unprepared for the reality of getting wet/cold  and 2) these types of excursions tend to morph into more of a structured, time-crunch experience — to assure a group doesn’t get caught in the dark on their return paddle. The guided-Winter kayaking experiences ended up being the opposite of what we want to promote — that folks have a relaxing, good time while on a kayak.”

So, to recap: “I will try to launch from our location (where you’ll see the vintage trailers parked) from THURSDAYS through SUNDAYS allowing folks to get in kayaks between the hours of 9 a.m. to noon. Just drive up, HONK LOUDLY, wait a few minutes and I’ll come up to greet you, hand you our RELEASE OF LIABILITY FORM and lead you to our new (shady!) parking area down by the launch. It is easy as that!”

“I  highly recommend you phone in advance (listen to the entire Voicemail message)  to confirm dates/times don’t change — because it is easier to change an outgoing Voicemail message than all the places online! Be sure to check local weather for FOLEY/BON SECOUR area before heading out the door. Just know I won’t open if it is storming, winds greater than 15 mph ( there are small craft advisories) and temps are below 68 degrees.  If I close under those circumstances it is because I’m lookin’ out for your safety.” — River Rick.

To be mentally and physically prepared, I also recommend you (and all members of your kayaking party) spend some time on the website reviewing: RATES, DAYS/HOURS OF AUTUMN OPERATION, SUGGESTED ITEMS TO BRING

And as an aside (what also sets us apart from other kayak rentals) it would be a good idea to acquaint yourself with our specific RULES . You will be asked to sign a Waiver of Liability and agree to certain comportment while on our property and on the river.

Because it seems it can never be repeated enough:

And if the chain is up, or the Voicemail message says we are closed, we  hope our friends will respect our privacy and Do Not Tresspass.

In other words: “Closed means ‘RiverDerChee’ to y’all for now! We hope to see you  in the near future, so you can have a ‘Beachin’ Good Time’ at BeachnRiver Kayak Rentals!” — River Rick





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