March 15.2018 Spring/Summer Kayaking Season Changes


FOLEY, AL — BeachnRiver Kayak Rentals, located at 18743 Keller Rd in Foley, is pleased to announce changes for the upcoming season: NO ADVANCED RESERVATIONS NEEDED. This means you may feel free to arrive at the above location between the hours of 8 a.m.  until 1 p.m. and paddle until 3 p.m. daily.

Kayaking with BeachnRiver Kayak Rentals will be on a FIRST COME/FIRST SERVED basis beginning Thursday, March 15, 2018, until the (Summer) season ends Sunday, Aug. 12, 2018.

“This means you no longer must phone the day prior to reserve. Just wake up, get ready to kayak, drive up and I’ll put you on the water,” says River Rick. “If the sign says OPEN (and the chain is not across the drive) feel free to drive onto the lot, HONK LOUDLY! (wait about 5 min. for me to greet you and give you your waiver and replacement forms), receive parking instructions and you are ready to get on the water,” says Rick.

Returning guests will notice a change in office, drive-in location and parking: the “office” is a vintage silver Spartan Mansion travel trailer, and parking will be designated to various locations on the premises.

“If I’m with guests, I’ll hang a ‘Be Back’ in a few minutes sign and the chain may be across the drive, but wait times should not be longer than 15 to 20 minutes,” he adds.

“With more freedom comes more personal responsibility” adds Rick. “The same rules of courtesy will apply —  so it will be helpful if all guests go online to read and familiarize themselves with FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS, SUGGESTED ITEMS TO BRING prior to arriving, to reduce wait times and to get you on the water faster.”

Rates remain unchanged (credit cards and checks are not accepted) and are the lowest anywhere in the Gulf Shores/Orange Beach Al area: $35 for singles (250 lb limit)  and $75 for doubles (400 lb) limit.

RR reminds, “If you have a family with smaller kiddos, you can paddle with a child or two in the center of a double (as long as weight does not exceed 400 pounds), but bang for buck, the singles are not only more fun to paddle, they are easiest to paddle. As young as 10 and as old as 85 have paddled their own kayaks!”

“I still encourage groups needing greater than 10 kayaks to pay a day in advance to reserve — especially around holidays  — if you want to assure there will be enough kayaks,” Rick advises. “But if you want to just arrive and take your chances I will have enough boats — and don’t mind a wait — feel free to show up, I’ll do my best to get you on the water as quickly as possible.”

Paddlers who want to paddle using their own kayaks need not phone or arrive to the BeachnRiver Kayak Rentals location — that stipulation has not changed.

“I simply do not have enough parking, nor do I want to deal with liability and other issues,” River Rick states frankly. “The county has done a wonderful job installing (free) kayak launches on several beautiful bodies of water and kayakers can experience calm, flat-water conditions. Just ask any Foley, Gulf Shores/Orange Beach Welcome Center or Google Search for maps and information.”

It is also important to note that there are NO PUBLIC LAUNCHES or PUBLIC PARKS or public areas to launch onto the Bon Secour River. ALL LAND (and non-navigable creek land) IS PRIVATELY OWNED. “Folks that would like to experience paddling the river have a new (free) put-in at the Bon Secour Wildlife Refuge or can choose to pay a  fee to launch from three or four privately-owned locations downriver in the town of Bon Secour.”

“I’m hoping the change to open to the public without a need for reservations will result in more folks getting a chance to paddle while on their vacations. I still hope folks making these ‘spur-of-the moment-type’ decisions will take initiative to research weather/radar conditions and  review on-line info for the best kayaking experience. I want you to have a Beachin’ Good Time afterall!”  River Rick, owner.

p.s. Please, No Email Or Social Media Reservation Requests. I spend all my time outdoors helping folks on the water. I do not spend time online. I DO NOT OWN A CELL PHONE. Do not ask to text me. I cannot receive texts.  If you have a cell phone and internet service you will have all information needed to make a decision to kayak. PLEASE CONSIDER THIS INFO PRIOR TO PHONING. Phoning repeatedly will not insure a quick response — as I only have a land line and do not get reception outdoors. I am outdoors until dark and after hours. Thank you for your patience and understanding.







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